Thursday, 18 April 2013

1st Quarter – Max Millz Music Weekly Mixtape

1st Quarter – Max Millz Music Weekly




Max Millz Music Weekly 1st Quarter mixtape finally drops, 1 April 2013. After releasing 12 tracks in twelve weeks driving the internet crazy with hot tracks since the start of 2013 ! Max Millz & REBEL NATURE Records have complied all the track on one mixtape entitled Max Millz Music Weekly 1st Quarter !  There are a total of 13 tracks on the tape the majority of the songs produced by Impack for REBEL NATURE Productions. The work rate is over at Rebel Nature Studios is not to be messed with max and Impack are on the grind in 2013, with D.B.D Death Before Dishonour the collaborations studio album yet to be released before the begining of  summer 2013, plus the weekly releases yep ! its official them Rebel Nature Boyz are going H.A.M. !! In the meantime go get that 1st Quarter Mixtape ! Enjoy !! You can view the track list and download link below:

  1. Times Have Changed Ft. Impack
  2. Lover In You
  3. Outstanding
  4. Mellow Millz
  5. Its All About You Ft. Jaydan Perkins
  6. Erase The Past
  7. Hooked On You
  8. No Theatrics Ft. Smokey Rebel
  9. Murder You
  10. No Time To Waste Ft. Robbie Khan
  11. Super Big Versatylez Ft. Max Millz
  12. Paystyle
  13. Max HD {Bonus Track}

Produced By Impack : Except Tracks 1,5,6,11 & 13

» DOWNLOAD: Max Millz Music Weekly

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